Infrastructure & Public Works

Chair: Joe Shields

Co-Chair: Steve Elkins

Members: Pam Spoor, James Jenkins and Greg Claypole

The infrastructure and public works committee oversees the construction, repair, and maintenance of roadways, sewer systems, sidewalks, public buildings, and other structures. In this regard, existing plans, surveys and specifications are evaluated and, to the extent deemed necessary, new plans are obtained to facilitate projects. The committee:

  • Evaluates all contracts pertaining to these structures.

  • Determines what bids are required.

  • Arranges for public bidding.

  • Informs council about project progress.

  • Coordinates projects with other public organizations, including SD1, Duke Energy, and other utility companies.

  • Provides council with an agenda of anticipated public works on an annual basis.

  • Directs all public bids for work to the Mayor who receives and opens the bids to the public.

Upcoming Meetings
The infrastructure and public works committee meetings will take place on a need be basis.


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