Park Hills History Lecture


Dr. Paul Tenkotte gave his first History of Park Hills Lectures on September 7, 2017 at the Behringer Crawford Museum. On rolling hills, adjacent to Covington and its massive Devou Park, the planned community of Park Hills took shape in the 1920s. Tudor and Colonial Revival homes, many designed by architects, lined curvilinear, tree-covered streets. Public sidewalks radiated to all areas of the city, tying residents to handsome stone streetcar shelters. Convenience and beauty were the watchwords of the Lee and Simmons Development Company in building this suburban community, literally only minutes away from the densely populated urban core of Cincinnati, Ohio. Park Hills was the epitome of the American Dream, to work in the city, but to retreat each evening to a bucolic and restful setting, where tending gardens and mowing lawns became relaxing pastimes.

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