Photo courtesy of Bob Amott

Photo courtesy of Bob Amott

Park Hills Public Works Department

Contact Us

City of Park Hills
1106 Amsterdam Road
Park Hills, KY 41011

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a public works issue within Park Hills,
please contact Dan VonHandorf by phone or email.

Phone: (859) 486-9541

About Us

The Park Hills Public Works Department is comprised of two employees, and is responsible for:

  • Maintenance of city roads and buildings
  • Snow removal
  • Park upkeep
  • Maintaining street and traffic signs
  • Maintaining city right of way
  • Management of drainage and road repair projects
  • Mowing and trimming of the city’s parks and properties
  • Coordination of outside agencies and contractors
  • Unforeseen issues that arise within Park Hills

Often times, larger projects within the city (such as the street reconstruction projects) are contracted out to outside agencies, but the Park Hills Public Works Department is often on site to answer questions and inspect the contractors’ work.

The department works closely with organizations like the Northern Kentucky Water District and SD1, as well as Park Hills citizens, to continuously improve the infrastructure of the community.

Construction Update - Week of August 13th

North Arlington Road

·         A subcontractor of the Northern Kentucky Water District is scheduled to begin installing the new water main on Tuesday.

·         Once the new water main is completed, the individual service lines connecting to residents' homes will be switched over to the new main over a period of 2-3 weeks.

·         The NKWD will notify residents with a door hanger two days in advance of when their residence will experience a temporary service disruption during the changeover.


Electrical service disruptions

·         A subcontractor for Duke Energy is continuing to switch electrical lines over to new transformers in various parts of the city. Residents may experience brief service disruptions.

If you have any questions, please contact the city's Public Works Director, Mr. Dan VonHandorf, by phone at (859) 486-9541, or by email at