Park Pointe Project status from 3/9/2020 to 3/13/2020 :

  • Monday 3/9/2020: Bray installed 60′ of 42″ storm pipe from MH# 905 to MH# 904 and backfilled. Bray also mixed a load of lime down by retention pond to wet soil and replaced. Paul Michels set manhole #6 and 40′ of 18″ SDR35, five foot offset.
  • Tuesday 3/10/2020: No work too wet.
  • Wednesday 3/11/2020: Paul Michels backed fill sanitary ditch. Bray just cleaned the road. It was too wet for them to work.
  • Thursday 3/12/2020:  Paul Michels// Installed 220’ sanitary pipe between MH#5&6. Bray just cleaned the road and pipes were delivered. It was too wet for them to work.
  • Friday 3/13/2020: Paul Michels installed MH#5 and 40’ sanitary pipe between MH# 5&4.
  • Bray has plan to tie main water line within Gateway Dr. to main line in old state Rd on next Wednesday. NKWD will send notice to residents couple of days before that.