Monday 6/8: Paving Gateway Dr by Riegler. Bray  topsoil placed along Amsterdam Rd.  Paul Michels worked on CB#911 and pipe between #910 and #911.  Bray started to install CB 601A cross Amsterdam Rd. Bray installed Sanitary line along Park Pointe Dr. from middle of MH 10 &11 toward MH 29.

 Tuesday 6/9: Installing sanitary line from MH 29 toward 28 by Bray. Paul Michels installed the pipe between CB 911 to 912 and they set up MH 912. Bray placed fill in the north side of Park Pointe Dr. Bray installed pipe  between HW 704 and 907 and set up HW 704. Bray started to work on water line from intersection of Amsterdam Rd and Park vale Dr.  Bray pilled the topsoil of the south side and west side of Vista pointe Dr, in the Bellavista Dr.

 Wednesday 6/10: Bray worked on the water line in both of Park Pointe Dr. Bray installed san lateral for lot #52. Bray cut fill in the south side of vista pointe Dr. and place in the west side of Vista Pointe Dr. Paul Michel set up MH 913 and they started to work from MH next to the round house along Amsterdam Rd toward the HW behind the round house.

 Thursday 6/11: Installing sanitary pipe from MH#12 to MH 19 by Bray. Bray built check dam along Amsterdam Rd for erosion control purpose. Paul Michels crew were working on erosion control around the detention pond.   

 Friday 6/12: Bray back filled the sanitary pipe between MH 12 and 19. Bray did final grading around gateway Dr and cleaned up the area.