Construction Update - Week of August 20th

North Arlington Road

·         Work on the new water main is underway near the intersection with Dixie Highway.

·         Businesses on Dixie Highway are being notified of pending service disruptions as their service connections are switched to the new main.

·         Work will progress toward Aberdeen Road once the work near Dixie Highway is finished.

Electric Utility Poles

·         Duke Energy's subcontractor, Bowlin Energy, is continuing to perform maintenance and upgrades to electric utility poles, working in the vicinity of Altavia Avenue this week.

Amsterdam Road Landslide

·         Amsterdam Road was reopened on Saturday at 3 PM after being closed on Friday due to soil and debris from the hillside falling onto the street.

·         The quick re-opening of the street was made possible due to the combined effort of the Covington and Park Hills Public Works Departments and Joshua One, the owner of the hillside property.

Pothole Repair

·         Pothole repairs will be performed at various locations in the city this week.

If you have any questions, please contact the city's Public Works Director, Mr. Dan VonHandorf, by phone at (859) 486-9541, or by email at