Smart Meters coming to Northern Kentucky

In September, Duke Energy will start installing digital smart meters across our Northern Kentucky region. Here are details about what this may mean to you.

 ·         Remote meter reading: After installation, we will no longer have to access inside a homeowner’s property for our monthly meter reads.

·         Faster moves: With smart meters, you may not have to wait for a Duke Energy representative to come to you to connect or disconnect your energy service – because requests can be performed remotely.

·         Choose your due date: Expanded billing options will be available including the ability for you to pick your own due date.

·         Energy info at your fingertips: You will have greater control of your energy use via online access to you daily usage data. You can also get enhanced alerts that notify you when your monthly energy usage may be higher than average.

·         Quicker responses to power outages: Since smart meters are capable of two-way communication, we will know more about an outage when you notify us, and this speed up power restorations.

What to look for:

·         Work is underway to change out the meters of customers who only receive natural gas service from Duke Energy. This will continue through Sept. 2018.

·         For electric-only customers and customers who receive both electricity and natural gas from Duke Energy, here’s the installation schedule:

o   Kenton County – Sept. 2017-March 2018

o   Boone County – Feb. 2018-June 2018

o   Campbell County – May 2018-Sept. 2018

·         Workers from Grid One Solutions will complete the meter installations on behalf of Duke Energy. These workers will have badges specifying that they’re Duke Energy contractors. Also, their trucks will carry signs that read “Contractor for Duke Energy.”

 More information about smart meters is available at