With just nine weeks until the next election, we want to provide you with the most pertinent information on voting. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear and Secretary of State Michael Adams have announced a plan for Kentucky’s 2020 General Election on November 3. Kentuckians will generally have three options for voting:
•    Absentee ballot by mail (click here to request your ballot)
•    Early in-person voting
•    Election Day in-person voting

The NKY Chamber, state and local election officials will be working to educate Kentuckians on their options in the weeks ahead of the election. In the meantime, read the summary below from the Secretary of State’s website to learn everything you need to know about casting a vote in Kentucky’s 2020 General Election.  

Absentee Ballot by Mail
Kentuckians concerned with contracting or spreading COVID-19 can request a ballot by mail. Ballots can be requested through an online the portal through October 9. Mail ballots must be postmarked by Election Day, November 3 and must be received by November 6. Drop boxes will be available for Kentuckians to return their mail ballots if they are concerned about postal delays. County clerks will determine these locations. If you would like to request an absentee-ballot-by-mail, click here.   

Early In Person Voting
Early voting is different than absentee voting – anyone is permitted to vote early for any reason. Beginning October 13, three weeks before the election, every work day between October 13 and Election Day, and every Saturday for at least four hours, every county clerk will provide a location for safe in-person voting.

Election Day Voting
County election officials will decide election sites that will be open for Election Day. The State Board of Elections, Secretary of State and Governor will approve each plan. Every county will have at least one voting super-center, where everyone from the county can go to vote, regardless of his or her precinct.

Voter Identification
Kentuckians who were unable to get a driver’s license or photo ID either from fear of COVID exposure or due to the closure of the county clerk’s office in the pandemic can sign a document explaining this concern and cast their ballot. Individuals who vote via absentee ballot by mail will have their identities verified through the online portal used to request their ballot.

Volunteer to be a Poll Worker
Kentucky has a major need for poll workers in the 2020 election. Sign up here if you are interested in working the polls this year.

Register to Vote, Update your Registration, Confirm your Information  
Monday, October 5 is the deadline to register to vote in Kentucky. We encourage everyone to confirm their information is up to date and accurate. Click here to confirm. 

Vote for NKY      

The NKY Chamber is a proud member of a non-partisan coalition to increase voter turnout in our NKY region.  Make sure to visit the Vote for NKY website or follow on social media for the latest information about the upcoming election. If you are interested in supporting these efforts, please click here to donate.