Avant Gardeners Gardening Club

Have you enjoyed a walk through the gardens of Trolley Park? Admired the blooming entrance at Park Drive? Smiled as you drove by the corner garden at Dixie Highway and North Arlington Road? If your answer is yes, then you’ve enjoyed the work of the Park Hills Avant Gardeners.

The Avant Gardeners are Park Hills residents and volunteers who are actively engaged in the community, from the soil on up. Today’s Avant Gardeners help with designing and maintaining some of the city’s green spaces. Together with the Parks, Beautification, and Recreation Committee and our fearless Director of Public Works, Dan VonHandorf, Avant Gardeners support the vision of a Park Hills that’s:

...enriched by and invested in our green spaces, and values them as places to enjoy outdoor activities and cultivate community interaction.

This spring, Avant Gardeners added more plants and flowers, and continue to fight off the weeds on a regular basis. You may have seen some Avant Gardeners and Rose Circle residents busily planting the flower beds and containers in preparation for the Memorial Day festivities. Their great work and contributions to beautify our community don’t stop there!

When you see someone out gardening in our shared green spaces, feel free to give a wave of thanks. If you want to learn more or become an Avant Gardener, contact Krista Morrison at [email protected].

2017 Avant Gardeners: Barb Huff, Carol Bethel, Diane Nemeroff, Gretchen Stephenson, Helen Heil, Jim Pfaller, Krista Morrison, Laura Cardosi, Luann Holmes, Maryann Maffia, Paige Clemmens, Rachel Biesik, Sarah Froelich, Sophie Bayer, Stacey Pfaller, Stella Snowden, Steph Belt