Park Pointe Development Update

UPDATE ON PARK POINTE as of September 6, 2019

The engineering designs have been tweaked by Jay Bayer along with Paul Zeltwanger’s Engineer to confirm the road plan.  It is about to be bid out for the water line and main to be replaced first.  After that part, the road work will be starting.  We are working to give notice to commuters and residents for other alternatives while being reconstructed; when that time comes.

Clearing on the hillside is still going on and will be graded and seeded to curtail erosion.

Detention Area is about to start as soon and SD1 has their final stamp of approval on it.

Hamilton Hillside is being cleared and then packed for stabilization as the Geo-techs have asked for.

The property has been conveyed where necessary and work is progressing slowly but surely.  Timing on approvals has taken a bit more time than anticipated.

An update of plans and presentation of end result will be presented at the October Caucus meeting.  

Check website for updates.

Thank you for your patience in the progress of new construction in our little city.  I know the trucks are annoying, but it will come to an end and will be a new and fresh look.