Animal Tags

All dogs and cats must be registered with the City of Park Hills by September 30, 2019. The cost is $5.00 per pet, per year and there is a limit of five pets per household. Also remember to be courteous to your neighbors by keeping pets in their own yard and any dog barking to a minimum. Please obey the leash law and clean up after pets during walks.

Vehicle Decals

The City of Park Hills is once again selling vehicle decals. If you live in Park Hills, you’re required to have a decal for each of your vehicles, even if you:

•Park in your own driveway or garage.•Have out of state license plates.

•Drive a vehicle that belongs to your employer.

•Drive a motorcycle or scooter.

Purchase a removable decal for each of your vehicles by September 30, 2019, for $15 each, at the city building located at 1106 Amsterdam Road. Funds from the sale of vehicle decals go to the repair and upkeep of city streets.If you’re paying by mail, please include your vehicle’s year, make, model, and license plate number along with a self-addressed stamped envelope so the city clerk can return your decal by mail.As of October 1, 2019, a $20 late fee will be added to the cost of each decal. The Park Hills Police Department can also issue citations to residents who do not register their cars. The citation fine for not displaying your vehicle decal is $25.00.

Park Pointe Development Update

UPDATE ON PARK POINTE as of September 6, 2019

The engineering designs have been tweaked by Jay Bayer along with Paul Zeltwanger’s Engineer to confirm the road plan.  It is about to be bid out for the water line and main to be replaced first.  After that part, the road work will be starting.  We are working to give notice to commuters and residents for other alternatives while being reconstructed; when that time comes.

Clearing on the hillside is still going on and will be graded and seeded to curtail erosion.

Detention Area is about to start as soon and SD1 has their final stamp of approval on it.

Hamilton Hillside is being cleared and then packed for stabilization as the Geo-techs have asked for.

The property has been conveyed where necessary and work is progressing slowly but surely.  Timing on approvals has taken a bit more time than anticipated.

An update of plans and presentation of end result will be presented at the October Caucus meeting.  

Check website for updates.

Thank you for your patience in the progress of new construction in our little city.  I know the trucks are annoying, but it will come to an end and will be a new and fresh look.

Fall Hydrant Flushing

The Park Hills Fire Department and the NKY Water District will be conducting annual hydrant flushing beginning September 3rd throughout the city. Daily flushing will occur between 8am and 4pm at various locations and should be concluded within 7-10 days. Household water may appear cloudy during these times, but should clear after running the cold tap for several minutes. For any questions, and for a complete list of hydrant flushing throughout NKY, visit:


Northbound Amsterdam Road will be closing to thru traffic on Monday, July 15, 2019. Traffic will be directed to Dixie Highway to proceed north. Southbound Amsterdam Road will remain open for the present.

Closure is to permit construction of the SD1 detention basin to better manage storm water and to permit the construction of Park Pointe. Southbound Amsterdam Road will be reconstructed to accomodate two way traffic. The northbound closed lane will be regraded and landscaped. The end result should provide a beautiful entrance into Park Hills. The Mayor will update any changes as they are known.

New Street Striping

You may have noticed some new yellow lines on our roads. These new stripes are a result of our police and fire departments’ request to mark stop sign areas and challenging corners. Our goal is to make it easier for larger trucks and service vehicles like garbage trucks and school buses to turn onto smaller streets, like Harriet Street from Old State Road. We hope you find these yellow stripes helpful, too.

Utility work in the City

Duke subcontractors, Bowlin and AMS, will be doing work in Audubon Forest tomorrow, April 10th. Pole and underground electrical work will also be going on the next several days along the Trolley Line. Please call Public Works, Dan VonHandorf, at 859-486-9541 with any questions. Thank you.